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Do the scooters incorporate battery and the charger?

Yes. All our models have included its battery and charger.

In case the scooter gets broken, where can I repair it?

In case you have a technical problem, you can send it directly to our facilities, and if the problem it's a manufacturing defect it will be covered by the warranty.

How long it takes to ship?

Once the order has been confirmed if it has been made before 3:00 p.m., it is received within 24 hours. In case, that is confirmed after 3:00 pm delivery will be done next morning.

When can I reach the technical service?

From Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 18:00 pm.

Are the optional leds includes?

Yes, optional leds are included in all models and Booster S2 model also include the rear light.

Is the cruise control function included?

Cruise control it's optional but it's desactivated as standard because his use can be dangerous and from we don't advise it.

Can I buy the charger apart?

Charger it's included, but if you're interested you can buy it apart.

What is better? Handle or carrying bag? With both you can drag rolling or only with the carrying bag?

Depends on the use you are going to give, to drag rolling we recommend the bag, since it incorporates wheels for it, with the handle you could not drag it, but this is very useful for transporting the e-twow, both to catch with your hand as to hang it in the shoulder.

Can you carry a backpack in the base? Is there an accessory to not carry the backpack on the back?

You can see a small hook on the handle bar, which also serves for folding, to hang the backpack if it is not too big.

How can I pay mi order?

We have available: PayPal, Cash on delivery and credit card.

Where can I track my order?

Once you do the order, you will receive the tracking number.

Where can I find spare parts?

In we have all kinds of spare parts. You can also send us your e-twow and our technical service will be in charge of replacing the piece you need.

How do I charge the E-TWOW battery?

Always connect the supplied charger first to the electric current and then to the connection incorporated in the e-twow.

Can I use ECO charger for Booster model?

No, every model has his own charger.

About display, how do I reset the kilometers to 0?

To reset the kilometers to 0, you must select the "TRIP" option with the second button, starting from the right, and once selected, press the button for a few seconds until the odometer reaches 0..

Is it possible to modificate ODO?

It's not possible to modificate ODO to 0 because it's the scooter's total distance.

Is it advisable to go out with the e-twow when there are rainy conditions?

If there are rain conditions, driver should extreme caution, as it can slip and driving becomes dangerous. The manual specifies that the use of the scooter is not recommended in humid places or on rainy days.

What maintenance should I do to maintain the guarantee?

You do not need any special maintenance, just keep in mind that you should never store the battery discharged as this would shorten its useful life. It's also recommendable to go through the screws from time to time to check that there is no screw or nut that could be loosened with the use.

¿How much can the scooter's autonomy and speed vary?

Autonomy and speed vary greatly in electric vehicles with respect to the weight of the user, the orography of the terrain and other factors. In zones with a lot of unevenness both autonomy and speed will be reduced considerably.

How to put the strap to the e-twow?

In the area of the hand grip there are 2 small closing straps, one longer than the other, the long one that should be placed closer to the front wheel, you can see in the following link a demonstration video.

What type of battery includes the e-twow?

Batteries are lithium-ion

What is the approximate life of the batteries?

Its useful life is measured in load cycles, between 1200 and 1500 if it is given a correct maintenance, these batteries can last between 3 and 5 years, depending on the use.

Is the scooter already charged?

The electric scooter E-TWOW is delivered with the battery at approximately 60% charge, if we recommend to make a full charge before its first use.

Has the nattery effect memory?

Our batteries have no memory effect, so it does not need to be completely discharged, in fact, we recommend not to let the battery discharge to 0% to recharge it and it is not necessary to charge it completely, in case it does not have time.

What recommendation can you give me regarding the charge of the battery?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should never store the discharged battery, especially when you are going to be away without using the scooter, in this case it is recommended to charge it to approximately 70%. But in general and daily use of the scooter it is always advisable to have it charged.

What document certifies the product warranty?

When making the purchase via web, the same document of the order is the one that certifies the warrranty.

How much weight does the e-twow support by structure?

The e-twow by structure supports a user weight of up to 110 kg.

Do I have to keep the scooter's box as a guarantee symbol?

We always recommend that you keep the box with the porexpan inner protectors within the warranty period, as for transport, in case you have to send it to us, it is important that it is very well protected.

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