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Electric scooter E-TWOW BOOSTER GT, with 48V - 10.5Ah lithium-ion battery, 700W motor and 11.9 kg of weight.



BOOSTER GT 48V - 10.5Ah

From etwow.net we want to present the latest generation of electric scooters E-TWOW. The Booster GT is here and has arrived to stay with greater speed and autonomy.

Thanks to our passion for electric mobility, combined with the latest developments in this sector we have perfected a new electric scooter, the Booster GT. With it, all your transportation needs will be covered and you will enter the new generation of E-TWOW scooters with more speed and autonomy.

There are many aspects renewed in the Booster GT that will make it even more interesting:

  • Longer platform: driving stability has been improved thanks to the modification in the platform making it longer and with greater grip. Also, note that the rubber of which it is made will allow it to be cleaned more comfortably.
  • Lightness: with the new E-TWOW you can continue enjoying the lightness and maneuverability that the brand offers. You can reach up to 40km / h with a scooter of only 11.9kg.
  • Power: the new Booster GT offers more power that will allow you to easily climb slopes thanks to its improved 48V and 10.5Ah battery that will also offer you the necessary autonomy for your daily journeys.
  • Front and rear side reflectors: The Booster GT has 4 reflectors, 2 on each side, making it easier to see and therefore increases your safety in traffic.
  • Damping: The Booster GT has front and rear dampingfor the most comfortable ride possible.



BOOSTER GT Features:

  • Lithium ion battery 48V - 10.5 Ah with a charging time of only 4 hours.

  • Brushless 700w DC motor.

  • High quality folding electric scooter with autonomy of 35 to 45km and maximum speed of 40km / h. With 11.9kg it is the lightest high performance electric scooter on the market.

  • Extremely resistant aluminum chassis with anticorrosive treatment.

  • Braking function: regenerative braking system in front wheel and traditional emergency brake in rear wheel.

  • Acceleration buttons on the right and brake control on the left.

  • KERS technology (kinetic energy recovery system): electromagnetic brake that allows the recovery of braking energy, which is converted into electricity and recharges the battery.

  • Display with function command: speed, km, temperature, battery charge percentage, headlight lighting.
  • Headlamp with 6 powerful LEDS.

  • It can carry up to 110 kg.

Data sheet

Engine Type
Motor Brushless DC 48V
Maximum power
Maximum speed
40 km/h
35-45 km
Lithium Ion 48V
Charging time
4 - 4,5h
Motor Brushless front wheel
Aluminium high resistance
Total weight (Battery included)
Generación S3
Booster GT

Un ferrari de patinete

Estuve mirando muchísimas marcas de patinetes durante 6 meses ya que vivo en una zona con muchas cuestas y me interesaba que el patinete que comprara no me dejara en medio de una cuesta por no tener fuerza.
Me decidí por la marca etown porque tanto por internet como gente que tiene patinetes hablaba muy bien de esta marca.
En septiembre salió el modelo GT y la verdad que no tenía muchas referencias... tan solo lo que pude leer en la página web y por las características y condiciones se ajustaba bastante a lo que buscaba.
Me decidí y lo compré por reyes.
Lo he empleado un par de veces y estoy encantada. Es muy fácil de manejar, robusto y de calidad.
Este modelo es un poco más ancho y largo que el resto de modelos y da sensación de seguridad. En las cuestas responde muy bien tanto conmigo que peso 50 kilos como con mi marido que pesa 70. Un producto fantástico. Recomendado 100 por 100.


NYC rider

This is my third E-Twow Purchase, I like In Manhattan NYC and find these to be the perfect low-profile e-scooter, people cant quite tell if its electric, and that's the advantage since they aren't technically legal, although in the 5 years I've owned them, never been bothered about riding them.

I had been waiting for The Booster GT to hit the States since I learned about it 4 months ago, so I was supper excited to see that they finally are selling them through their US distributor, U-Scooters. I have to say was quite pleased with the shopping experience, no taxes, and it was delivered in 4 days with their standard shipping option, it's come a long way since the days of waiting 6 weeks ordering off some random Ali-Baba store. I was worried if this may not actually hit the advertised speed and ranges, but I was presently surprised that, for someone with a light frame like myself, ~160lbs, I'm hitting 28.5 mph top speeds especially right after a full charge. It stayed above 25 for the first 4/5ths of the battery. My initial ride through the Manhattan, New York city on a full charge, most of the ride travelling at full throttle, It ran a distance of 22.5 miles. I haven't tested yet, but I would expect it to get an extra 8-10 miles if I was traveling at 2/3rds the max speed, lets say 16 mph, so perhaps I could reach 30mph under optimal conditions. again, I'm 160lbs, so its clear to me that they designed this to ensure that everyone should reach ~25mph, with range of 20-25 miles. I put 30 pounds backpack on, so my load was about 190, and was doing 24 mph going up a slight incline. I used walk my 1st gen E-Twow up 15% inclines on long trips to keep them from dying, but The GT eats 25% inclines for breakfast, going 22 mph up them from a cold start.

The most notable improvement of the chassis is that the square head-tube is one piece with the vertical tube that holds the headset/neck/fork, they got rid of the 6 screws, which was a weak spot on the 1st get chassis, it also allows more confidence when using a U-lock in that area, with the screws it is a lot more vulnerable to theft, so huge improvement.

Suspension is just as good as it ever was. Wheels are half an inch longer in diameter, 8.5", which isn't a bad thing I guess.

its 3 lbs heavier at 26 lbs, I can not tell, still feels just as easy to lift up 4 flights of stairs.

The folding mechanism is much easier to manipulate, and seems to have more of a 2 point feel to it.

There's a kickstand now, which if you've ever owned an E-Twow before, seems redundant but it is nice to not have to go in and out of the classic semi-folded position, and maybe save some wear on the paint job.

I miss the lack of cruise control although I understand perhaps its a safety issue for the speeds that this reaches, if that is the reason, it would be nice if they only disabled it at top speeds or while riding the the higher speed modes.

Another think that I guess I'll have to live with is, the charger, It's basically 2 chargers squeezed together with a fan added, and the fan is not too quiet. It charges at the same rate as my old E-Twow, a descent 3.5 amps, so obviously it will take longer to fill a the higher capacity battery of the GT. When it comes to charging these scooters. every you spend about half the time on the road max speed, than it took to charge, so half hour charge should get you 15 min on the road top speed, and that hasn't changed with the GT.

the acceleration ramping is perfect, it's very smooth, you still feel grin-educing g-forces, but its not jumpy at the early speeds, when your pumping it at different speeds it doesn't feel like its just throwing the same current, it's very appropriately "geared."

Overall It's a serious scooter for the experienced e-scooter rider, who's looking to have a bit of fun in his commute., without having to lug around 40+ lbs of hardware. This is certainly best in the class of slim low profile scooters,

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